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Microgaming - Casino Software Supplier

When it comes to selecting an online gaming provider, noting which casino software they use should be a key consideration. Whilst many players spend hours looking for the best bonuses, it is often assumed that most casino software is essentially the same. This can be a costly error once your cash is tied up in wagering requirements.

Of the casino software suppliers currently active, Microgaming is one of the best established. With over 25 years in business, Microgaming has become renowned for developing action-packed and innovative games. This article will provide an overview of Microgaming, highlighting why you should choose to play somewhere running their casino software.


Branded Slots

Microgaming is probably best known for their branded slots - at least from a marketing perspective. With games based on highly popular movie titles proving no less popular on the smaller screen, it is likely you will have seen some of them on the homepages of operators using Microgaming casino software.

Among Microgamings most popular branded games are Dark Knight and Tomb Raider. Not merely standard slots with a fancy name, these games aim to live up to their titles. The Dark Knight, in particular, makes excellent use of movie clips to add to the thrill of playing. Tomb Raider also ensures the action keeps on coming thick and fast, featuring both rolling reels and various multipliers.


Innovative Game Features

If you aren't overly concerned about style - instead preferring your slots to be brimming with substance - then Microgaming can also cater for you. Having been top dog in the casino software industry for over a quarter of a century, it is little surprise they have pioneered a number of innovative features.

One such feature is the gamble function. Offered after each win a player makes, it adds excitement and an element of judgement - compared to standard slots. When triggered, this feature presents players with a face-down card. Correctly guessing the colour of this card will double your winnings - simple as that! You can even go one better, by guessing the suit, which multiplies winnings 4x.

Another engaging feature they have pioneered is the "single reel re-spin". This is offered at the end of every spin a player makes. A great feature when you sense you're close to landing a big winner, it does come at an additional cost. As with the gamble function, this is a highly immersive feature which tests players nerve and judgement.


Progressive Jackpots

The final - and probably most eye-catching reason for choosing an operator running Microgaming casino software is their progressive jackpots. Often these jackpots are linked between multiple Microgaming slots, across multiple different operator's sites. This means thousands of players all contributing to the jackpot amount.

Given the sheer size of the Microgaming catalogue it is no surprise that this can quickly result in the accumulation of a "Mega Jackpot". To date, operators using Microgaming casino software have paid out over $400,000,000 in winnings. Among these winnings is the highest pay-out in industry history - just shy of $10,000,000!